Roman gelato, Rome

Where to Go For a Roman Gelato or Tiramisu?

Italian ice cream, gelato, belongs to Italy like wine to France and paella to Spain. Gelaterias, ice cream shops, are one with the Roman street scene. Rome has ice cream of all sorts, shapes, sizes, flavours, colours and scents. Or a tiramisu, when you don’t feel like gelato. Our selection 

Come il Latte

A 5 minute stroll from Piazza Repubblica you’ll find the stylish Come il Latte on Via Silvio Spaventa 24, close to metro stations Repubblica and Barberini. This ice cream shop offers what is to be expected from a gelateria: high quality ingredients, creative flavour combinations, friendly and helpful staff. A Roman gelato is large and very tasty. Be adventurous and try salted caramel, pistachio or lemon.

Roman gelato, Rome

Rome has ice cream of all sorts, shapes, sizes, flavours, colours and scents.


One of the best-known and praised gelaterias in Rome is Fatamorgana. The reason? Remarkable, imaginative flavour combinations. Such as wasabi, fennel, chestnut and orange peel. Don’t be discouraged by the long queue at the counter, because their mouth-watering gelato is worth the wait. The assortment is epic, over 300 flavour combinations. Ranging from classic to modern, innovating flavours. You’ll find Fatamorgana scattered across Rome. For instance Fatamorgana Trieste-Salario on Via Lago di Lesina 9.



Just like Fatamorgana, branches of GROMare found throughout Rome. What’s more, this franchise enjoys the same fame and popularity as Fatamorgana. The menu is constantly updated, the gelato fresh, price/quality ratio ace. The ingredients are mostly local and organically produced. The most popular item on the menu is vanilla in combination with lemon, named crema come una volta. Why not grab a cone at GROM on Via della Maddalena 30 before or after a visit to the Pantheon.


Please don’t limit yourself to only gelato when visiting the Italian capital. There’s an abundance of sweet goodness on offer in Rome. For example tiramisu. Not like the ones you buy at the supermarket at home, but tiramisu made with love, care and attention by Italian professionals. Like at Pompi, close to metro stop Re di Roma. They’re opened till late at night and make four different tiramisus. Fruity or nutty for instance.


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