Rome Pizza

Rome Pizza: The 4 Best Places For Finger-licking Pizzas

In Rome, where to go for a finger-licking pizza? Italian cuisine serves elegant, tasty and beautiful meat, fish and pasta dishes. That said, a classic Italian pizza remains a treat not be missed. Especially a Neapolitan one baked in a wood-fired pizza oven. 4 restaurants in Rome that service tasty, traditional pizzas.

Rome Pizza

Pizza time!

Al Grottino

Fresh ingredients, budget prices, classic Italian décor. Al Grottino east of the city centre serves traditional, oven baked pizzas. With a bit of luck, there’s a table available on the outdoor terrace. If not, enjoying your pizza inside the snug, little restaurant is also a nice experience. Unique: Guests can choose from a long list of beers on an iPad. Metro stations San Giovanni and Re di Roma are only a 5 minute hike from Al Grottino. Address: Via Orvieto 6.


Meid in Nepols

As implied in the name: Meid in Nepols offers classic Neapolitan pizzas on the menu. In other words: hand-kneaded and rolled dough and baked in a wood-fired oven, the ones you find in Naples, the birthplace of pizza. Most Italians prefer the Naples-style pizzas to the pizzas from Roman ovens. Apart from pizza, Meid in Nepols has good pasta and fish dishes. The restaurant is nearby Termini central station and metro station Castro Pretorio. Especially interesting for an approachable introduction to the diversity of Italian cuisine. Address: Via Varese, 54.


A good pizza is worth some travel time. Especially when in possession of a day pass (€6) for unlimited use of Rome’s underground system. Catch the metro and get off at Giulio Agricola (line A) or Subaugusta (line A). From there, Sforno is only a 5 minute stroll. The restaurant serves classic pizzas, tasty appetisers and a bunch of different beers. Address: Via Statilio Ottato, 110/116. 

Li Rioni

Obviously you are going to hit the Colosseum when in Rome. Le Rioni is located nearby the former amphitheatre. They serve Roman-style pizza. In a nutshell: thin and crispy. Perfect place to go before or after admiring the spectacular Colosseum. The restaurant’s everything you’d expect of an authentic Italian pizzeria: rickety wooden tables, creaky chairs and scrumptious pizza. Address: Via S. Quattro, 24.

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