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Welcome to Cheap To.Travel. We are Patrick and Richard, both in our early thirties and from the Netherlands. Also, we have a similar dream: to become location independent travel bloggers. We don't necessarily need to leave home, but we want to be able to, if we wish.  

Cheap To.Travel is a way for us to share our journey. We don't like standard city trips. And really, what we want for you and ourselves is to Travel Better and Experience More for Less Money.

This year, 2016/2017, we've put our focus on city trips in Europe. We want to discover Europe in a unique and local way, and share those stories with you. We want to get to know you, so we can provide you with insights only locals know. 

Are you someone who wants to show their fabulous European city to us - and the world - and blog about it? Check out our Work With Us page.

Here's what you can expect from us

  • Stunning tips and tricks so you can travel better and experience more.
  • Answers to your travel questions!  For example, which websites guide you to a unique night in the home of a local?
  • CheapTo.Travel City Specials - Up-to-date experiences in the most beautiful European cities. Starting with Amsterdam and Lisbon.
  • Discovering places locals haven’t even heard about. For example Aalsmeer and the West End Lakes. Check out the article here.

Cheap to takes you places you would otherwise never go