Madrid Day Trips: Segovia

Day Trips From Madrid: Segovia and Toledo

Feeling adventurous when in Madrid? Experience the picturesque Segovia and Toledo just outside of Madrid. Two cities easily reached by train or car. About an hour’s trip from the Spanish capital.

Madrid Day Trips: Segovia

Segovia Cathedral.


Segovia feels like entering a time warp. Imagine yourself being propelled into an ancient Roman city built decades ago. Swaggering eye catchers impose a medieval, fairy-tale-like air upon the city. Such as the world renowned aqueduct, the old city wall, the radiant El Alcazar palace, and the magnificent cathedral. On weekends the monuments are brilliantly lit. Must: stroll through Segovia’s tortuous cobbled streets and inhale its breath taking architecture.

The city lies in the Castile and León region, 90 km northwest of Madrid. From the Spanish capital it’s 60 minutes by car. Via the A6 and AP-61 highways. A nicer route takes you through the mountains. From the A6 take the Collado Villalba exit onto the M-601. A beautiful, winding mountain-road. With stunning views of the Sierra Guadarrama. This scenic route is well worth the extra travel time.


Madrid Day Trips: Toledo.

Alcazar de Toledo.


One of Spain’s oldest cities definitely worth the trip. Without a doubt. Why? Spain’s history captivated in a relatively small area. Toledo, the city of three cultures, where Jews, Muslims and Christians have lived shoulder to shoulder for centuries. You’ll find Moresque buildings, synagogues and churches for instance. Sights include Toledo Cathedral and fort Alcazar of Toledo. A city of imperial grandeur. Built on the banks of the Tajo. Explore the city on foot. Through picturesque streets and narrow alleyways. Down old cobbled roads. Don’t miss out on Museo de Santa Cruz, which displays several religious artefacts. From Madrid, Toledo is 30 minutes by train, 60 by car.

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