Madrid travel

Fly to Madrid with one of the many low cost carriers

Barajas Airport is Madrid’s biggest and best-known airport. The international airport lies only 12km from the Spanish capital. Thus, flying there is an attractive option. Especially considering the competitive prices. Fly to Madrid from several European cities with one of the many low cost carriers. Such as EasyJet, RyanAir, GermanWings and AirBerlin.

Madrid metro

Metro Line 8 connects central station Nuevos Ministerios with the capital’s airport

How to get from Barajas Airport to the heart of Madrid quick, cheap and easy? Metro Line 8 connects central station Nuevos Ministerios with the capital’s airport. Which has two metro stations: Aeropuerto T1, T2 y T3 (terminal 2) and Aeropuerto T4 (terminal 4). From Nuevos Ministerios central station, catch a metro or train, to for example another city.

Bus to Madrid city centre

An alternative: From the airport, hop on a bus to the city centre. For example bus 200. Scheduled city buses run regularly. So waiting times are limited. On the other hand, getting to the city might take a while. As roads from Barajas Airport into the heart of Madrid often get congested. Advantage: Budget prices, only a few euros for a ride into town. Other bus lines that connect the city centre with the airport: 101, 822, 824, 827, 828. Or take the Express, which takes you to railway station Atocha or Plaza de Cibeles for only €5. A taxi sets you back around €30.

Madrid travel train

High speed train in Atocha Station.


Madrid is very reachable by train or car. The capital counts two long distance railway stations. Atocha (south) and Chamartin (north). Trains from France and the east of Spain arrive at Chamartin. Whereas trains from the neighbouring Portugal and high-speed trains (AVE) from, for example, Barcelona and Sevilla pull in at Atocha. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. High-speed rail link carrier TALGO runs the international services.

A monument in memory of the casualties of the 2004 train bombings has been erected at Atocha railway station.

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