Portuguese Words You Must Know

We absolutely love learning new words when we’re away. So, when we were in Lisbon we asked our good friend Isabel to teach us five important Portuguese words, according to her. Luckily for you, she was gracious enough to let us record her beautiful Portuguese voice. Enjoy learning the language, we know we did! Liston to the awesome audiofiles.


#1 Saúde – sa-ooh-duh


Cheers. Obviously a word you should know in all languages!

#2 Até breve – ah-tay breh-vuh


See you soon. A nice way to say bye to your AirBnB host when you leave for the city.

#3 Estava muito bom – sta-vuh mooj-tuh bom


It was very good (for food). A beautiful way to thank someone for their nice food.

#4 Adeus – eh-dee-oohs



#5 Cerveja


Beer. Yes, this is what we need! We love tasting beers from all over the world. The least you can do is learning the local word for it!

Enjoy learning these cool Portuguese words. Do you want to learn more language? Try these five Dutch words you should now!!

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