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Save Money While Using Google Maps Offline

You‘ll probably use Google Maps on a city trip. Find the quickest way to that special restaurant or those hidden gems. To save on roaming costs, use Google Maps offline before you hit the streets. This is a practical feature to avoid unexpected phone bills. We always use it to save money! So, how to use Google Maps offline?   

Off course, you can use free WiFi in restaurants, apartments and public libraries to save money and data. But what to do when you’re strolling around town without an internet connection? If you’re lost or need to figure out the perfect way to that special museum or cosy restaurant.  

Google Maps

No matter which European city we visit, we always use Google Maps offline. The great thing, you can select and download the desired location while your at home or another place to go online – like an  airbnb or hotel. The maps you download are free and will be saved on your mobile phone for 30 days.

Google Maps Offline After you have download an area/city map, use the Google Maps app just like you usually would. Thanks to gps, the lightning bold on your smartphone screen shows you where you are at that moment and where to go. Without spending crazy-much money on streaming devices and run out of data.

How to Use Maps Offline

In three dead simple steps, you can start using Google Maps offline for free.   

  1. Open the Google Maps app
  2. In the top left, tap the menu  ‘Offline areas’.
  3. Select offline areas, where you can download your desired maps.

Download the city maps and go for it. Use the money that you’re saving to buy a tasty meal with a proper pint on the side. Cheers!

Let us know how you use your smartphone abroad on the cheap!

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