Lisbon Off The Beaten Track: Tai Chi in Sintra

When on a Lisbon city trip, visiting the stunning mountain village Sintra is part of the package. Colourful castles and lush gardens attract heaps of tourists from all over the world. As you know, we always look for opportunities to go off the beaten track. So we decided to book a Tai Chi workshop for beginners. And yes, it was an unforgettable spiritual and physical journey.

How to get to Sintra?

From Lisbon city centre, it’s dead simple to reach Sintra. Take the train from Rossio train station in Barrio Alto. A return ticket sets you back only €4,30 and the journey will take about forty minutes. Be aware that it can be crowded at the station; long waits to buy a ticket are not uncommon. From our experience, it’s well worth buying a train ticket in advance, so you don’t have to worry about train departures.


Rossio Station Lisbon

From Rossio station, take the train to Sintra.

Tai Chi near Sintra library

When we arrived in Sintra, Tai Chi teacher Alice Doria was waiting for us nearby the station. She guided us to the backyard of the public library. There’s a so-called silent area, made for groups of people who take part in a yoga course. For Richard and I, it was our very first encounter with Tai Chi. Luckily for us, Alice took all the time in the world to explain everything about the basics of this excersice system to achieve a state of relaxation for body and mind. She said we just had to have fun and be relaxed. With that kind of attitude you know everything’s gonna be alright.

Our very first Tai Chi lesson!

From the silent ‘playground’ you get a sweeping view of the Sintra mountains. If you ask us, it’s a fancy spot to take some pictures as well.  It’s hard to describe our very first Tai Chi lesson. For me, the breathing exercises and smooth body movements gave me a lot of positive energy – ready to rock ‘n roll for the rest of our stay in Lisbon. Whereas, Richard said he felt no difference compared to a morning at the gym. Check out our Tai Chi videos on Facebook.


Cheap to Sintra, yeah!

Both of us concluded: the workshop is great for both beginners and more advanced participants. Above all, it was an amazing, fun and interesting experience at the same time. We think it’s a creative way to discover Sintra without spending a lot of money and cuddling up with thousands of other tourists. So Alice, thanks for this wonderful experience!

Be aware, Sintra is a popular town and food and drinks can be expensive. Check out A Tasca do Model for an affordable lunch.

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