Rome Metro System: Cheap and Efficient

Rome Metro System

In Rome, get around by metro cheap and efficient. Hop on or off at the Colosseum, Pantheon, Spanish Steps or Vatican City. Mind you though, the Italian capital’s subway system only has two lines, a lot less than cities like London or Paris. Alternative ways of getting around are by bus or tram. Or, roam…

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Best European City Parks: Villa Borghese (Rome)

Villa Borghese Park, Rome

Don’t feel like sightseeing? Done with the crowds of the Roman city centre? The Italian capital counts dozens of city parks. Perfect for a picnic, reading a book, or worshipping the sun. Total cost: €0, as parks and hills are free of entry. What are the favourite spots of our CheapTo bloggers? Aventine Hill Aventine…

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Rome Pizza: The 4 Best Places For Finger-licking Pizzas

Rome Pizza

In Rome, where to go for a finger-licking pizza? Italian cuisine serves elegant, tasty and beautiful meat, fish and pasta dishes. That said, a classic Italian pizza remains a treat not be missed. Especially a Neapolitan one baked in a wood-fired pizza oven. 4 restaurants in Rome that service tasty, traditional pizzas. Al Grottino Fresh…

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Plenty To See in Vatican City

Vatican City, Rome, Pope Francis blesses faithful

For a visit to Vatican City, plan at least a full morning or afternoon. Not only because of its often endless queues, more importantly, there is plenty to see in the autonomous city state. For example the Basilica di San Pietro, Musei Vaticani and the Cappella Sistina. Travelling by metro? Get off at Ottaviano (line…

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Rome Coffee Bars: The Hottest Spots

Rome Coffee Bars

Caffe (espresso), cappuccino, caffe macchiato, ristretto: Italy, the cradle of quality coffee. Rome has countless top notch coffee bars. Close to the Pantheon you’ll find two of the hottest coffee spots of the Italian capital. Tazza d’Oro and Piazza Sant’Eustachio II. Both places have received several prizes and awards for brewing very tasty coffee. Tazza…

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Where to Go For a Roman Gelato or Tiramisu?

Roman gelato, Rome

Italian ice cream, gelato, belongs to Italy like wine to France and paella to Spain. Gelaterias, ice cream shops, are one with the Roman street scene. Rome has ice cream of all sorts, shapes, sizes, flavours, colours and scents. Or a tiramisu, when you don’t feel like gelato. Our selection  Come il Latte A 5…

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Rome Museums: MAXXI Gives What You Need

Rome Museums: MAXXI

The city of Rome itself is an open air museum. With commanding works of art like the Colosseum, Pantheon, Forum Romanum and Vatican City. That said, dozens of fascinating museums stand in the shadows of these tourist magnets. They might attract less visitors, but are still worth your time. For example, MAXXI, Palazzo Altemps, Galeria…

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Rome for Beginners: Our Favourite Crowd Magnets

Rome for beginners

Obviously, when visiting Rome for the first time, a stroll through Vatican City and a visit to the Colosseum are inevitable. What are some other world renowned crowd magnets, where are they and how to get there? Our selection ‘Rome for beginners’: the Pantheon, Forum Romanum, Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. Pantheon At the Pantheon, with…

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