What Not to Do in Amsterdam? Walking on Bike Lanes!

Alright, there are countless things to do during an Amsterdam city trip. You should eat a herring, smoke a joint, try to bike, take a canal cruise and admire Van Gogh or Rembrandt’s works.

But there are some things you don’t do in Amsterdam, to make sure you have a good time.

Amsterdam, bike lanes, tourist

Remember, Amsterdam has more bikes than people.

#1 Walking on Bike Lanes

Remember, Amsterdam has more bikes than people. Locals on bikes act like the king of their castle;  they make their own rules. And what gets on their nerves? That’s right, tourists mindlessly wandering around on bike lanes, studying a map. Please, try to avoid that – for your own safety. They have no mercy!  

#2 Shooting Pics of Red Light District Windows

Just don’t. You are not in a zoo. Of course, you can take mental pictures. But remember, there’s much more to the Red Light District than just ‘windows’. Check out the Old Church, iconic canals and the East India House, the former headquarters of the Dutch VOC.

#3 Taking Selfies on Red Rental Bikes

That’s definite a no-no. It’s wrong and not special at all! Again, you are not in the zoo or in a museum. Focus on traffic, road safety and other bikers. Surely, that’s hard enough without waving your selfie stick around like an idiot.

#4 Shopping in Kalverstraat

Imagine Oxford Street (London) or La Rambla (Barcelona) on a sunny afternoon. The Kalverstraat in Amsterdam’s city centre is even worse. Hundreds of people on the go, mainstream shops and grouchy sellers, sounds good right? Don’t go there if you’re looking for a relaxed stroll around shops. Try Utrechtsestraat instead. This might well be the next high street of Amsterdam. 

Waiting at Heineken Experience

Not the best place to discover Amsterdam beers.

#5 Waiting at Heineken Experience

Of course, Heineken might be the most famous beer company in the world, founded in Amsterdam. And that’s great.  Though, long waits, high prices and only two beers to chug, make Heineken Experience (Stadhouderskade) not the best place to discover Amsterdam beers. A tour of the local brewery ’t IJ (Funenkade 7) is a much more laid-back and authentic beer experience.

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