Six Must Eat Dutch Delicacies

The way I connect with local culture is through people and food. So, when I go travelling, I just want to eat local dishes. Please avoid so-called restaurants with branches across the globe like the plague. Those global fastfood joints do not represent local culture, even though locals eat there – talking about false dichotomy aye.

Anyway, when you head to Amsterdam, make sure to try these six delicious Dutch foods!

#1 Beschuitje Aarbeien 


This is a Dutch rusk with Strawberries and sugar. Amazing for breakfast. Other rusk filling options are: hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles), cheese or something completely crazy the Dutch don’t even know about.


#2 Moorkop


This chocolate eclair type pastry is an all time favourite of mine. This delicious treat is served on special occasions, like birthdays. There’s one big problem though: there’s no way in hell it does not get messy while eating a Moorkop. You could attempt to eat it with a fork, but I always end up stuffing my face with the thing and make the best of a sticky situation.


#3 Kaassoufflé


OMG, deep-fried cheese soufflé, the absolute best snack you can get in a Dutch snack bar. Eat it the way it is, maybe with some curry-sauce. Or, if you feel adventurous: order a broodje kaassoufflé met satésaus – which is a cheese soufflé on a bun with peanut sauce. Absolutely fabulous.


#4 Dubbelzoute Drop


This has to be on the list: Dutch licorice. It’s double salty and delish, nuff said.


#5 Zeeuws Spek


Grilled pork belly marinated in a mix of oil, mustard, soy-sauce, onion, paprika, garlic and black pepper. The recipe is originally from Zeeland, the south of the Netherlands. Today, supermarkets and butchers all sell the piece of grilled goodness. Recipes vary. My favourite as sandwich filling or as a small bite while drinking beer!


#6 Andijviestamppot


Winter is coming. So time for andijviestamppot: mashed potatoes and raw, thinly sliced endive, served with fried pieces of pork belly and a rookworst – a smoked Dutch sausage. Make it yourself at your AirBnB rental, befriend a local who can cook it for you, or go to a nice restaurant.


Now you know which awesome Dutch dishes you have to eat. Next month we are heading to Lisbon, so if you have any hot leads for what to try in Portugal, give us a shout! Also, subscribe to our newsletter to receive travel tips, updates and deals right in your inbox!

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