Amsterdam Cycling Tour

Amsterdam Cycling Route: Durgerdam, Holysloot, Dutch Genever

I’ve been living in Amsterdam (De Pijp neighbourhood) for over seven years now. And what’s my favourite thing to do? Cycling! Check out this splendid cycling route. 

Amsterdam is small compared to other European capitals like London, Paris and Berlin. The good thing about that, streets are made for bicycles. Countless meters of bicycle lanes prove that. Fun fact: there are more bikes than people in Amsterdam. Although the public transport is well organised, travelling around by bike saves time and money. So, my advice: rent a bike if you’re on a city trip in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Cycling Route

Characteristic houses in Durgerdam.

Albert Cuyp Market – Durgerdam

Usually I cycle around in the city centre. It’s a practical way of moving and it gives me energy. A month ago, I pushed my boundaries. On a lovely Sunday afternoon I went cycling to Durgerdam, Holysloot and Ransdorp. These villages lie in the national park Broek & Waterland, in the north of Amsterdam. After 45 minutes you’ll reach Durgerdam. And on the way you will pass the de-stress Flevopark, Amsterdam Brug (bridge) and welcoming Zeeburg campsite. Along the way, the inevitable city noise was replaced by countryside silence.

Durgerdam – Holysloot

Durgerdam is a small coastal town with lovely scenery. The village gives you a clear view to the new parts of Amsterdam and Pampus Island. Wonderful coloured, characteristic houses will turn you centuries back in time. Settings you’ll see on the Jacob van Ruysdael and Albert Cuyp landscape paintings at the Rijksmuseum.

Amsterdam Cycling Tour Durgerdam

On our way to Holysloot.


If you’re heading to Holysloot, the Uitdammerdijk is a great bicycle road to get an impression of the Dutch countryside. Dikes as far as you can see, groups of cows at the road site and Irish green pastures. When the sun is shining, go for a swim in Kinselmeer/Markermeer.

If you’re feeling peckish, there’s a restaurant in Holysloot called Het Schoolhuis. Make sure you try the local goose snacks. A tiny ferry will bring you to the other side of Holysloter Die. If you’re not pushed for time, you can continue your cycling tour to Broek & Waterland, Monnickendam (hot tip), Marken or Volendam. Don’t worry, road signs make it virtually impossible to get lost.

Amsterdam Cycling Route

Try a ‘Genever-with-a-view’.

Holysloot – Ransdorp – Flevopark

However, I decided to go back to Amsterdam. But not before I visited Ransdorp, a small village with tiny houses and a marvellous church. Look out for the signs on the windows to buy some local honey. On my way back to the Pijp, I had a ‘pit stop’ at Flevopark. Go to ‘t Nieuwe Diep, a former distillery in the middle of the park. Order a smokey Genever’ (‘Dutch whiskey’) with ‘ossenworst’ on the side. Take a seat on the welcoming terrace and get high on the view. Cheers!

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