Cheap To Travel: Amsterdam Special

Today is an exciting day. Our very first Cheap To Travel city special has kicked off. Every month we highlight a European city for two full weeks. Give you the lowdown on what’s happening in and around town. And provide you with the ultimate short trip experience in cities all across Europe. Amsterdam is this month’s pick – an obvious choice as it is Patrick’s backyard!

Before we get to the good stuff, let’s introduce ourselves. We, Patrick and Richard, are two guys from the Netherlands. Both in our early thirties. Both searching for something else than the normal 9-5 life. We aim to live a life full of travel, freedom and social entrepreneurshipImportantly, we want to build and share this life with you.



“Honestly, I wasn’t a very active traveller before my 21. Growing up in Nijkerk, I was taught to go to college and get a job. After receiving my Journalism degree, I took my first overseas trip to North America. For me, that journey still feels as love at first sight. Mainly because of the amazing time I had with people from all over the world.

When I came back, I started working  as a freelance  journalist/copywriter for newspapers, magazines and other companies. In 2010, I quit my job and set out on an adventure that took me to Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. Ever Since that unforgettable journey, I have been looking for opportunities to combine my two passions: travel and writing.

Over the past seven years I’ve lived in Amsterdam, taking as many short trips as possible, mainly in Europe. This year I want to discover other European cities in a unique and local way, and share those stories with you.”


“I’ve lived a life full of travel thus far. My first travel stint was one of five years. Southeast Asia and Australia. I also taught English for two years in Chiang Mai, in Thailand. Which was awesome. After my travels I decided to get my English degree at the University of Amsterdam. A smart move, however, today I’m certainly uncertain of the what/where/when/how of life. One thing I do think I know is that I have a serious allergy for the 9-5 regular life.

So, now I’ve decided to get to know my own continent better: Let’s explore Europe one beautiful city at a time and show the world that it is possible to work less (structured), travel more (and better) and have more fun in general.”

Cheap To Travel Goals

We provide you with content which is useful, fun and changes yours and our (travelling) lives. To give you a taste of what we do, today is the first day of the Cheap To Amsterdam Special. The special will run for a period of two weeks (10-23 October) in which you will get to know us up close and personal. Every day we publish cool stuff to do in and around Amsterdam.

Perhaps you’re thinking: “What can be so different about Amsterdam? It’s all smoking weed and red lights anyway”. Well, let us show you a fresh, a real, an original Amsterdam. Make your trip to the Dutch capital unique and memorable. ‘Wow’ your boy- or girlfriend with the best city trip they’ve ever been on. Experience Amsterdam like a local, and better.  

Are you planning a trip to Amsterdam any time soon? Please let us know your travel plans!


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