Albert Cuyp Market Amsterdam

Amsterdam For Beginners: A Day at De Pijp

When you visit Amsterdam it’s great to walk around the red light district at night. Or, lose yourself in the labyrinth of little streets in the Jordaan., a former working class area. That said, one of my favourite places to visit during the daytime is De Pijp. In this buzzing piece of Amsterdam, you’ll find much more than merely the Heineken Brewery.  

Albert Cuyp Market

Tramlines 16 and 24 take you to the busiest part of De Pijp: Albert Cuypstraat, also known as the ‘world famous street market’. The Albert Cuyp Market is a melting pot of residents/locals, students, hipsters and tourists. Eat a herring at a fish stall – yes! Delicious with onions and pickles. And, you must try a classic stroopwafel, a Dutch caramel biscuit. Market vendors sell anything and everything: Fruit, vegetables, flowers, pillows and bunch of other goods and chattels you’ll probably never use at home. The Albert Cuyp Market is over a kilometre long. Check out our  ‘Albert Cuyp Guide’ for good ways to save time and money. In De Pijp area, Mana Mana is one of my favourite restaurants for lunch or dinner. Try the psychedelic cauliflower and smoked aubergine. Address: 1e Jan Steenstraat 85.

Sarphatipark Amsterdam

Lay down in the cosy Sarphatipark.


When the sun is out, it’s great to lay down on one of the greenswards in the cosy Sarphati Park. Several tobacco shops scattered across the park sell cold beer to have a good time in the park. Do you fancy a special coffee? Make sure you go to the Scandinavian Embassy, settled on the east side of the park. It’s one of my favourite modern coffee bars in Europe. Barbecues are not allowed in the park. But, as you will notice, on sunny days the Amsterdammers make their own rules. Balance your vitamin D-injection with a good-old portion of fries – with or without mayonnaise. You’ll find my favourite ‘snack bars’ nearby Sarphatipark: Sonny Falafel and Par Hasard.

Shopping (For the ladies)

As you might already know, shopping is not my cup of tea. But, ladies pay attention now. At Gerard Doustraat (between Ferdinand Bolstraat and Gerard Douplein) you’ll find a surprising high street. Park your boyfriend at Pilsvogel or Paardje (Gerard Douplein) terrace and find a stunning new outfit.  Don’t worry boys, if you do like shopping, have a look at ‘We Are Labels’ in de Pijp (Eerste van der Helststraat 58), next to the Groene Vlinder.

What’s your favourite place at De Pijp?

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